CHC Policies and Procedures

Mission and Purpose

     Our mission is to provide optimal health transformations to billions of people through proven science and Coaching. Cellular Health Coaching (CHC) is an expansive system featuring personalized coaching and on-line Instruction based on the Laws of Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health. The purpose is to instruct and inspire you to achieve optimal physical, mental, and emotional health with the constant support of personal Cellular Health Coaches that are trained in the latest coaching principles.

Organization Outline

     Cellular Health Coaching, LLC (CHC) was founded by Dr. Gary Samuelson, PhD and Iris Samuelson in January 2020, based on an innovative vision to provide an on-line science-based curriculum and an expansive coaching system that maximizes your potential to achieve transformation to optimal health.  

     When you enroll in one of the available Coaching Programs, you are assigned to a personal Cellular Health Coach. Under the supervision of your Coach, you will be taught and supervised by Dr. Samuelson and Master Coaches during the Course. Coaches will be assigned to personally assistant and guide you through your chosen CHC Programs.

     Essential CHC Course graduates may become immediately Certified as Essential Cellular Health Coaches within the CHC organization, they are trained to run the Essential Course. Through the Cellular Health Coach Training Program, the Cellular Health Coaches are trained with the true principles of Coaching, to develop the Heart of a Coach and gain the experience necessary to become Advanced, and Master Coaches. This structure allows the CHC System to expand rapidly throughout the world.

Current Coaching Programs

  Essential Optimal Cellular Health Coaching Course (12 Sessions):

     This is a comprehensive series of online instructional and Coaching Sessions based on Dr. Samuelson’s CHC curriculum on the Essential Laws of Health, including Coach-supervised on-line assignments, exams, resources, and materials. This Course is divided into a series of two (2) Segments, each one with six (6) 1-hour instructional videos and six (6) 1-hour live Coaching Sessions for a total of 12 Sessions.

Physical Laws of Health Segment (6 Sessions) – You will learn the 5 science-based Laws of Physical Cellular Health (Hydration, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, and Respiration). With this comprehensive curriculum and the guidance of your CHC Coaches, you will set your Vision and Goals and accomplish your initiatives to achieve optimal Physical Health.

Mental/Emotional Laws of Health Segment (6 Sessions) – You will learn the 5 science-based Laws of Mental and Emotional Health (Belief/Attitude, Learning, Choice, Balance and Action). Armed with proven laws of Mental Health and the support of Coaches, you can unlock the enormous potential of your own mind, remove the blocks, and program your subconscious mind, using the latest techniques, to truly accomplish your own Goals.

 Advanced Optimal Cellular Health Coaching Course (12 Sessions):

     The Advanced Course is offered to those who have graduated from the Essential Course. The Advanced Curriculum will help you learn time-proven principles necessary to Coach yourself and to Coach others to achieve ultimate success in obtaining optimal-health habits.  Coaching Sessions are based on Dr. Samuelson’s CHC comprehensive curriculum, including on-line instruction, advanced strategies, Coach-supervised assignments, hands-on practice, exams, goal worksheets, resources, and materials. This Course is divided into a series of two (2) Segments, each one with six (6) 1-hour Coaching Sessions.  You must take the Advanced Course to be qualified to become an Advanced Coach.

Advanced Laws of Coaching Segment (6 Sessions) – Essential Coaches who have graduated from the Essential CHC Course now learn advanced strategic and coaching methods developed by the world’s greatest minds; step-by-step methods that empower you to know where you are (Introspection), where you really want to go (Destination), the way to get there (Pathway), and finally to set daily and monthly initiatives and priorities (Directives) to achieve incredible heights.

Transformaction Segment (6 Sessions) – Finally Coaches are ready to take personal freedom and responsibility to the maximum. We use accountability partners and participate in Intense Coaching exercises that lead to transformation. Coaches work individually to raise awareness and help you realize your own transformation. You will learn how to form and perform your own transformation and to help others to achieve their desired transformations.

 Cellular Health Coach Training and Certification Programs:

After you have graduated from the Essential Optimal Cellular Health Coaching Course, you can qualify to become a Certified Essential Cellular Health Coach. Essential Coaches must be Certified by CHC through their grades and recommendations from their own Coaches, Master Coaches, and CHC staff.  Essential Coaches are required to participate in the Cellular Health Coach Training Program and work under their Master Coach to learn how to become effective Cellular Health Coaches.  Essential Coaches can set up and direct Essential Optimal Cellular Health Coaching Courses.  As an Essential Coach, you will earn Experience Points, as outlined below, while you participate in training, programs, and run and direct Essential Courses.  To qualify to become an Advanced Coach, Master Coach or beyond, you must take the Advanced Cellular Health Coaching Course and earn sufficient Experience Points. Advanced Coaches direct the Advanced Courses to help interested Essential Coaches to become effective Advanced Coaches. Advanced Coaches and Master Coaches can lend their talents to form part of the administration of CHC and share in the responsibilities and benefits of being part of the overall CHC organization.  

Cellular Health Coach Training Sessions – Are normally held once a week.  They are short, live, online training sessions are offered to CHC Coaches by the Master Coaches and Staff.  You will also receive a CHC Coach Guidebook and prepared instructional videos to give you session by session, step by step guidance on how to run Coaching Sessions.  You will earn Experience Points by attending these Training Sessions.  Your Advanced Coach and Master Coach will also be available to help you set up and direct your Courses.

Professional Cellular Health Courses:

     From time to time, Cellular Health Coaching Courses for Professionals or Special Interest Groups will be offered. These can include Courses for Medical Professionals, Veterans, Professional Health Organizations, Governments, and so forth.  Coaches might not be needed. 

  Continual Cellular Health Coaching Program:

     Ongoing monthly access to Intense personalized Cellular Health Coaching from one or more of our Cellular Health Coaches is available on demand by Subscription. This can be an extension of the Cellular Health Coaching Segment, or it can be Coaching based on a specific need, such as a health challenge or optimal athletic performance and is based on the CHC Curriculum. There are two options available in the Continual Program, as follows.

 Individual One-on-One Coaching – CHC Coaches can be chosen from a pool of Specialists that will schedule weekly sessions and work with you one-on-one while you visualize, plan out and achieve your individual goals.

Small-Group Coaching – An affordable alternative where groups with specific needs, such as a health challenges, body sculpting, high-performance, and so on, can meet weekly with a Specialized CHC Coach that will guide them through their desired transformation.

  Professional Organization Cellular Health Coaching Program:

     CHC Packages can be built for Professional Sports Teams, Health and Wellness Organizations, Health Care Organizations, Veterans Organizations, Corporations, Human Resource Organizations and so forth, that are keenly interested in scientifically optimizing high-performance and health of their team members. CHC will set up individualized Cellular Health Coaching packages for your organization’s team members. This includes sophisticated statistical performance monitoring with Artificial Intelligence, customized individualized Health Coaching, and guidance on available health and performance technologies. CHC has world-class Specialized Cellular Health Coaches that have worked professionally to coach Olympic Athletes and teams, large Corporate Organizations, Health Care Organizations, Veteran Organizations, and many other Specialized Coaches with years of experience and passion in their fields.

     Our Professional Coaches coordinate with key members of your organization to set up customized programs to optimize health for groups of team members. There are discounts available for groups larger than 10 Participants. We would love to talk with you about our customizable Professional CHC Programs.

Cellular Health Coaching Affiliate Program

      Affiliates of Cellular Health Coaching (ACHC) are people of influence that wish to spread the word about our CHC Programs.  You can apply to become an Affiliate of CHC by clicking on the “Affiliate” tab on the CHC website (cellularhealthcoaching.com) and filling out the Affiliate Application.  If selected, you will be given a unique link to a page that can be shared on social media, blogs, posts, and messages, as so forth. If a Student or Participant Enrolls from your unique Affiliate Link, you will receive Finder’s Credits that can be applied to pay for CHC services or converted to cash. As of July 1, 2022 the affiliate program has been discontinued and will be effective only for influencers who refer more than 50 students to CHC courses.

Cellular Health Coach Policies

  Essential Coach Requirements

A qualified Graduate of the Essential Optimal Cellular Health Coaching Course can apply to become a Certified Essential Cellular Health Coach, after meeting the following requirements:

Achieve an Average Grade of 80% or higher from the Essential CHC Course

Have Favorable Evaluations from their Essential Coach and Master Coach

Sign up to participate in the Coach Training Program

Be Approved by CHC Management

Certified Essential Coaches are authorized to organize, run, and direct the Essential Optimal Cellular Health Coaching Courses.  They receive a Stipend and work directly under the supervision of their Master Coach.  Essential Coaches can coach up to a maximum of ten (10) Students in the Essential Optimal Cellular Health Coaching Course.  If they desire to have more than 10 Students, then they must employ Assistant Coaches chosen from the Assistant Coaching Pool to assist them in Coaching duties listed below.  Each Assistant Coach can be assigned no more than 10 Students each. Essential Coaches can employ no more than 10 Assistant Coaches to help them with their Courses.

  Essential Coach and Assistant Coach Duties

Essential Coaches and Assistant Coaches perform the critical role of helping each of their Students discover their individual Vision and achieve their Optimal Health Goals through the CHC curriculum and programs.

Coaches DO:

Contact each Student every week to help them succeed with the CHC Curriculum

Listen to the Students and help them establish meaningful Vision and Goals (at Student’s option)

Assist the Students to complete their Exams and Assignments

Monitor the progress of Students and report to their Supervising Master Coach

Make at least 15 minutes available for each Student every week

Fill out Evaluations on Students and Coaches

Coaches DO NOT:

Advise Students on Medical or Personal issues

Instruct Students on anything other than the CHC Curriculum and Programs

Promote any other Programs or Products to Students

Criticize, demand, or berate any Student for any reason

Show disrespect toward any culture or belief

Ongoing Training Sessions for Coaches on how to be successful and effective in their duties are required to be done by Essential Coaches and typically are scheduled for one half hour every week. CHC Advanced Coaches, Master Coaches and Management must review and approve Coaching Assignments.  An official written Review of the Coaches will be done after each Course and is required before an Essential Cellular Health Coach can become an Advanced Cellular Health Coach.  Experience points will be awarded to Coaches for every approved Coaching Activity they complete.

   Advanced Cellular Health Coach Requirements

     An Essential Coach can apply to become a fully Certified Advanced Cellular Health Coach after Graduating from the Advanced Course, accumulating sufficient Experience Points, and receiving favorable evaluations from their Advanced Coaches, Master Coaches, and CHC Staff. When their application to advance has been approved by the CHC organization, they can be Certified to act as Advanced Cellular Health Coaches inside the CHC organization.

Experience Points

An Essential Coach must accumulate 125 Experience Points before being Qualified to be an Advanced Certified Cellular Health Coach.  Experience points are awarded every time a Coach has completed the following Coaching Activities:

1 Experience Point for every Student that has a Coaching Session with you

1 Experience Point for every Training Session attended

1 Experience Point for every Coaching Call made and registered

1 Experience Point for each additional Hour spent on approved Coaching Activities

  For example, if a Coach has 8 Students in a Course and 7 Students passed the Quiz for the Coaching Session on Monday and 8 Students passed the Quiz for the Coaching Session on Friday, then 8 + 7 = 15 Experience Points are awarded for Student Sessions that week. This Coach also attends a Training Session with the Master Coach on Wednesday and makes a 15 minute Coaching call to 6 of the assigned Students that week. There is a total of 1 Experience Point for Training and 6 for Coaching Calls. This results in a total of 15 + 1 + 6 = 22 Experience points awarded that week. Coaches with full loads typically spend about 5 to 6 hours a week gaining experience.

  Experience Points can also be automatically awarded if a Student cannot (or chooses to not) to attend a Session for any reason or chooses not to be contacted; such circumstances and choices of the Student are respected and must be documented in order for Experience Points to be awarded.

 Advanced Cellular Health Coach Duties

     Cellular Health Coaches operate under the direction of their Master Coach. Normally the Certified Advanced Coach that originally trained them automatically becomes their Master Coach and is responsible to train them, supervise them, and guide them in their expanding role as a Certified Advanced Cellular Health Coaches.

Organizing CHC Programs

     Cellular Health Coaches are authorized to organize and manage CHC Programs and Courses. The Cellular Health Coach can submit an Official Request to Organize a CHC Program. This Request includes the type of Program, the proposed Dates and Times for the Sessions, and the total Capacity the Coach has available for Students and Participants in the Program. The total Capacity for a Program may be determined by the number of Assistant Coaches that are available to the Coach that organizes the Program. The Coach must ask each Assistant Coach how many Students they can handle (up to 10). The total number of Students the Coaches can handle is the total Capacity for the proposed Program. Note that a Coach can only coach a maximum of 10 Students without Assistants.

     As Students Enroll in a CHC Program, they are assigned to the Cellular Health Coach that organizes and manages the Program. The Cellular Health Coach that organizes and manages a Program has personal responsibility to provide each of the Students enrolled in their Program with the full Value.

Managing Assistant Coaches

     An Essential Cellular Health Coach can manage up to a maximum of ten (10) Assistant Coaches.  An Advanced Cellular Health Coach can manage up to twenty (20) Assistant Coaches. The Assistant Coaches that are available to a Coach are listed on their Coaching Pool.  Normally they are qualified Coaches that can also be shared between Coaches upon mutual consent. No Assistant Coach can have more than 10 Students total at a time.

     The Coaches that organize and manage a Program are responsible to provide the Students that enroll in their program with all the resources they need to succeed.  Master Coaches are responsible to train their Essential Coaches and hold regular meetings with them and receive reports from them on each Student’s progress. Essential Coaches and Assistant Coaches attend all the Program Sessions with their Students, when possible. Master Coaches follow up with their Essential Coaches to assure that they are following the guidelines suggested for each Session and are making Coaching Calls to each Student and checking the Student’s Vision Boards and Goal Worksheets.

     If an Essential Coach is not able to complete his/her duties, for any reason, the responsibility to do so falls on the Master Coach. The Essential and Advanced Coaches have full responsibility to provide full service to their Students and may need to assign Students to another Coach if they cannot provide such service.

Keeping Records and Grading Exams

     Coaches are responsible for keeping all pertinent records for each Student enrolled in their Program, including Session attendance, Exam Grades, and Goal Progress. Coaches are required to grade all the program Exams and hand out Assignments. The web application gives the Coaches the ability to grant access to Sessions, hand out Assignments, and grant their Students access to the Exams. After a Student completes an Exam, the Student submits it for grading. The Coach then grades the Exam. Exams should be graded and back to Students in less than 7 days after they submit them. Paper copies of the grade sheets and attendance forms should be kept for each Student. Written data should be entered into and checked against the central database to assure accuracy.

Working with the Master Coach

     Every Coach is trained and supervised by a Master Coach. Usually, the Coach that trained you or taught you becomes your Master Coach after you are Certified as a Coach. The Master Coach is responsible to continue the training of their Coaches and to supervise them in all their duties as a Coach. If a Coach has a conflict and is not able to complete one or more of their duties, then the responsibility falls on the Master Coach. The Master Coaches should be seen as trainers, mentors, supervisors, arbitrators, and general friends and partners to their Coaches.

Cellular Health Master Coach Requirements and Duties

    An Advanced Coach can apply to CHC management to become a Master Coach.  This naturally can happen after one of the Students that the Advanced Coach has taught desires to become a Coach. Master Coaches train, mentor, and supervise their Coaches to effectively perform their duties. Master Coaches help the Coaches set up CHC Programs, they work with their Coaches and CHC management to get their Coach’s Programs organized, approved, published on the websites, publicized, and ready for Student Enrollment. Master Coaches can assist up to fifty (50) Essential Coaches and one hundred (100) Advanced Coaches at a time.  Essential Coaches require more training time from their Master Coaches.

     In the natural progression, when an Essential Coach becomes Certified, a Master Coach is assigned to supervise all their coaching activities. Master Coaches are still Coaches and can continue running their own Programs at the same time they are acting as Master Coaches. The Master Coaches operate under the direction of the CHC Management. Master Coaches are responsible for their Coaches’ obligations to their Students. If a Coach, for any reason, is not willing or able to execute their duties, the Master Coach then acts as such Coach for the Students until other arrangements can be made with CHC management to meet the Obligations to the Students.

Generational Master Coaches

     The Master Coach over a Master Coach is designated as a Generational Master Coach, with the designation of a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, (etc.) Generation Master Coach. A Generational Master Coach can support any number of Master Coaches. This organization is much like a Master-Apprentice System where each level directs and trains the generation below them and passes experience, excellence and mastery on to the next generation.  Master Coaches are often integrated into the CHC Management organization and participate in and benefit from administering Coaching Programs.

Limited Liability of CHC

     CHC is not liable for any advice, counsel, coaching, or any other type of information given or action taken by our Generational Master Coaches, Master Coaches, Advanced Coaches, Essential Coaches or Assistant Coaches to our Students that is not strictly part of the CHC Program and approved Curriculum.  CHC is not held liable for anything CHC Members do or say outside of the CHC organization.

Distribution of Course Materials

     All Course Videos and written Course Materials and Presentations are copyrighted exclusively for use inside the CHC program and may not be copied or shared for any other reason. However, Students and Coaches are fully encouraged to leverage and share the knowledge gained in the CHC program for the benefit of anyone within their sphere of influence.

Promotion of Products or Services

     The purpose of CHC is to provide valuable Instruction and Coaching to those who seek optimal physical, mental and emotional health.  CHC does not directly endorse or promote any other product or service. The purpose of CHC is instructional; Science-based information about products might be made available as resources to our Members through separate resources that are not associated directly associated with CHC.

Privacy Policy

     All personal information collected by CHC will only be available internally to the CHC Administrators and Coaching personnel that are directly responsible for our Students and will be used for the sole purpose of providing excellence in Coaching and account administration.  Personal information will not be given to any other organization for any other purpose.

Changes to Policies and Procedures

   CHC at its discretion may from time to time change the Policies and Procedures. CHC will attempt to contact all those that might be affected by such changes.


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