Cellular Health Coaching

CHC Policies and Procedures

Mission and Purpose

Cellular Health Coaching (CHC) offers on-line Instruction and Personalized Coaching to Students based on proven principles of cellular health and personal transformation.  The purpose is to instruct and inspire Students to achieve optimal physical, mental and emotional health with the constant support of a professional Coach and a personal Assistant Coach using the latest knowledge in the science of cellular health and coaching.

Organization Outline

Cellular Health Coaching, LLC, was founded by Dr. Gary Samuelson, PhD and Iris Samuelson in January 2020, based on an innovative vision to build a science-based curriculum and coaching system that will maximize value to Students and allow them to achieve optimal health, and qualify them, if they so desire, to become Certified Cellular Health Coaches inside the CHC organization.

When Students enroll, they can attend a series of thirty two (32) online instructional sessions based on a the established CHC curriculum designed and developed by Dr. Gary Samuelson, PhD.  Students learn the science-based Laws of Physical, Mental and Emotional Health with instruction, assignments and tests from the CHC curriculum. They are assigned a personal Cellular Health Coach and Assistant Coach to assist them throughout the duration of the Course. Their Coach and Assistant Coach will guide them through the latest knowledge of cellular health and techniques on how to motivate themselves to set and achieve their own personal Health Goals.

Acceptance and Enrollment of Students

Students are accepted to CHC through the following Evaluation and Enrollment process:

(1) The person, entity, or website that refers any Potential Student to CHC must provide them with the official link to the CHC Pre-Evaluation Form.

(2) The Applicant must fill in and submit the official Pre-Evaluation Form to CHC.

(3) CHC Coach assignments and Course availabilities are determined by CHC.

(4) A Letter of Placement, good for 5 days, is sent to the Applicant with information on their acceptance to CHC and available CHC Course schedules and requirements.  Applicants accept or reject placement.

(5) Upon acceptance of the Applicant, an Enrollment Package with information on Policies, Coach Assignments and Payment Requirements is sent to the Applicant for a signature and Tuition payment.

(6) Upon satisfying payment arrangements with CHC, the Student becomes a Member of CHC and receives specific information and access codes for the scheduled on-line Course and Assigned Coach.

Course scheduling and payment negotiations are possible with CHC after the Applicant has received a Placement Letter (step 4) or an Enrollment Package (step 5).  Such negotiations will return the Applicant to step (3) in the above process.

Tuition Payment Policies 

Tuition payment schedules are clearly written in the Enrollment Package for each Student and may be negotiated as per the previous section. An invoice will be sent after acceptance and the Tuition payment is due after the first full week of the Scheduled Class. There is a non-refundable processing fee of $50. No Tuition refunds will be given after the third Session in a Class.

Policies for Students 

Enrolled Students are subject to all policies, rules, and operating procedures of CHC.  Students are guaranteed to receive a Personal CHC Coach for the duration of the Course. Thirty two on-line Instructional Sessions will be provided.  If a Student misses an on-line instructional session, that session will be recorded and available online for review by the Student.  Students will be given weekly assignments and tests and can schedule calls with their assigned Coach or Assistant Coach.  The test scores, assignments and evaluations that pertain to a student or Assistant will only be used to help the Student achieve their personal Health Goals or to qualify them for Certification as an Assistant Coach or a Coach in the CHC organization.

When Students become successful in achieving their own Health goals and have performed well on assignments and tests, they can intern as Assistant Coaches after successful completion of the Assistant Coach Training program, done concurrently to their ongoing coursework.  An Assistant Coach will aid and motivate other Students enrolled in the CHC program to make and achieve goals.  Assistant Coaches are assigned up to ten (10) Students and operate under the direction of a CHC Coach.

Policies for Assistant Coaches

Certified Assistant Coaches in the CHC organization must have passed the CHC Assistant Coach Certification Course requirements and agree to act under the direction of their assigned Coach.  They can be assigned up to ten (10) Students by their Coach.  Assistant Coaches will normally schedule weekly 15-minute Coaching Calls with their Students and help them determine their individual vision and goals.  Assistants have access to their Student’s Evaluation Forms, Vision Boards and Goal Worksheets and can monitor progress and help students to effectively use these tools.  Assistant Coaches can also aid their Coach in grading tests and following up with the weekly Assignments.  Assistant Coaches will report weekly to their Coaches.

Assistant Coaches must strive to obey the Laws of Coaching they have been taught; to kindly, patiently assist the Students, with empathy, toward achievement of their desired health transformation.  They will be evaluated by their Students and Coaches from time to time.  Such evaluations will be used to qualify CHC Assistant Coaches for continued Certification and will qualify them for Certification as a Cellular Health Coach after graduation.

Assistant Coaches receive a stipend as part of their internship, paid monthly.  Certified CHC Coaches can still act as Assistant Coaches.  If an Assistant Coach cannot continue in their duty as an Assistant Coach for any reason, they should give their coach at least a 1 week notice to allow for reassignment of their Students.  A Coach can also serve as an Assistant Coach for up to ten (10) of their own Students but must serve both as a Coach and Assistant Coach for such Students.

Policies for Coaches

An Assistant Coach that has satisfied all CHC requirements can be Certified and accepted as a Cellular Health Coach in the CHC organization.  Certification requirements include over 90% positive Evaluations from their Students, a grade point average over 80% in their Coursework, and a written letter of Certification from CHC.  Certification as a Cellular Health Coach in CHC is an internal Certification that solely grants the Certified Cellular Health Coach the right to serve as a Coach inside the CHC organization.  CHC Coaches instruct CHC Students following the approved CHC Program and Curriculum.  Coaches in the CHC organization agree to strictly follow the approved Curriculum and policies when setting up and administrating CHC Courses.

Certified Cellular Health Coaches must schedule and administer on-line CHC Courses for their Students and each CHC Coach can assign and utilize a total of up to twenty (20) Assistant Coaches to assist their Students through such Courses.  A Coach has first rights to assign and utilize any qualified Assistant Coach that has been his/her Student.  Final decisions and assignments are made by the CHC staff.

When Coaches are ready to start a Course, they submit a proposed Course Schedule and Course Capacity to CHC.  Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Students can then refer potential Applicants to the Coach’s proposed Course only by inviting Applicants to fill in and Submit the official on-line Pre-Evaluation Form.  After a Coach opens a proposed Course for General Enrollment, then Applicants will be taken from the General Pool to help fill up Course Capacity.

When Applicants first fill in the Pre-Evaluation Form, the person who referred them to the CHC Program can be recorded on that Form.  If the referral comes from CHC promotions, CHC websites or any sources outside the CHC Program, the Applicant is placed in a General Pool of Applicants that are assigned by CHC to any suitable Coach who has scheduled a Course.  When possible, referrals that came from within the CHC organization will be assigned as Students to the person that referred them.  Final decisions and assignments are made by the CHC Staff.

Pre-Evaluation Forms for any Course will be processed in the same order they were submitted.  When Enrollment is opened, Pre-Eval Applicants that find an “empty seat” in a course will be sent a Course Placement Letter containing the Coach assigned, Course Schedule and Placement information for their approval. Course Placements will be reserved for 5 days.  Upon approval of the Placement Letter by the Applicant and Coach, Applicants will be sent the respective Enrollment Form for the Course.  As Enrollment Forms and Payments are received by CHC, enrollments in the Course will be finalized.  When scheduling Courses, Coaches should allot enough time for Application Assignments and Enrollment negotiations.  Appropriate notifications of Enrollment status are sent to the Applicants throughout the Enrollment process.

Coaches, at their own discretion, can grant permission for other Coaches to share their Assistant Coaches with openings (less than 10 Students) in order to increase Course Capacities.  If Assistant Coaches end up with more than 10 Students, they can also work with their Coach to assign the overage to other Assistant Coaches with openings in the Course.

Coaches receive compensation for their work, paid monthly.  If a Coach cannot continue in their duty for any reason, they should give their Master Coach at least 30 days’ notice to allow for rearrangement of their Assistants, Students and Courses.  A Master Coach can serve as a Coach and/or an Assistant Coach if desired, respecting the established constraints and duties for each.

Policies for Master Coaches

When Coaches are approved and Certified as Cellular Health Coaches, the Coaches that have supported and trained them are designated as Master Coaches.  A Master Coach assumes the responsibility of training and supporting their Coaches.  The Master Coach has practical experience of acting as a Coach, organizing and running Courses.  The primary responsibility of Master Coaches is to assure that all the Students supported by their Coaches are receiving excellent value and service and to pass the mastery of practical experience and knowledge along to their Coaches.  Master Coaches will meet with their Coaches at least once a month, or more frequently as needed to help new Coaches organize Courses or handle problems.

Master Coaches have access to information about their Coaches’ organizations, assigned Assistant Coaches, Scheduled Courses, Students, and all information needed to monitor the progress of their Students.  They also receive quarterly Coach Evaluations from the Assistant Coaches and Students in their Courses.

Master Coaches receive compensation for their work, paid monthly.  If a Master Coach cannot continue in their duty for any reason, their responsibilities will be passed to their 2nd Generation Master Coach.  A Master Coach can serve as a Coach and/or an Assistant Coach if desired, respecting the established constraints and duties for each.

Policies for Generational Master Coaches

When a Coach becomes a Master Coach, the Master Coach that has supported them is designated as a 2nd Generation Master Coach over them.  2nd Generation Master Coaches are there to advise and counsel the Master Coaches and support them as needed from time to time.  Generational Master Coaches also can be assigned administrative duties over their Master Coaches and Coaches, such as aiding in Class scheduling, determining assignments, administering evaluations and sending out notices and bulletins.  2nd Generational Master Coaches receive compensation for their work for every active Student their Master Coaches have.  They also might receive compensation for work done for CHC administrative duties as well as performance bonuses, as determined by CHC management.

The 2nd Generation Master Coaches are supported by their 3rd Generation Master Coaches.  This pattern can continue indefinitely.  Each Generation receives compensation for their work amounting to 10% of the weekly amount per student that is received by the previous Generation, paid monthly.  For example, a 3rd Generation Master Coach receives compensation for each Student under their 2nd Generational Master Coaches.  Each succeeding generation of Master Coach also can participate in higher administrative and managerial duties in CHC and receive Performance Bonuses related to such enhanced responsibilities.

Generational Master Coaches and Master Coaches can also to act as a Coach and start their own Courses, they even may act as an Assistant Coach, if desired (for up to 10 Students).  Thus Generational Master Coaches and Master Coaches can continue building their organizations as large as desired from the experience they have gained.

Limited Liability of CHC

CHC is not liable for any advice, counsel, coaching, or any other type of information given or action taken by our Generational Master Coaches, Master Coaches, Coaches or Assistant Coaches to our Students that is not strictly part of the CHC Program and approved Curriculum.  CHC is not held liable for anything anyone in the CHC organization does or says when acting outside of the CHC organization.

Distribution of Course Materials

All Course Videos and written Course Materials and Presentations are copyrighted exclusively for use inside the CHC program and may not be copied or shared for any other reason.  However, CHC Coaches are fully encouraged to leverage and share the knowledge gained in the CHC program for the benefit of anyone within their sphere of influence.

Gathering Referrals

Gathering Referrals is defined as any activity that promotes CHC or distributes information about the CHC Program that might lead to a person receiving and submitting a Pre-Evaluation Form to CHC.  CHC and its Members are under obligation to respect the policies and procedures of any organization to which they are a part.  Gathering referrals for CHC during the official events of any other organization is strictly prohibited and may result in warnings, disciplinary action, or possibly losing their position in CHC.  Gathering referrals from business contacts in any other organizations that limits or prohibits the use of such contacts to recruit to any other business purposes is also prohibited.  Since Dr. Gary Samuelson (a Founder of CHC) has been prominent in developing effective beneficial technologies used in Multilevel Marketing (MLM) and Retail organizations, CHC aims to work with and respect the policies and procedures of such organizations.  Many MLM organizations have policies that protect their hard-earned networks of people from being recruited for any business purposes other than their own.  These policies are expected to be followed regarding the Gathering of Referrals for CHC.  We encourage Members of CHC to Gather Referrals through websites, announcements, personal contacts and media that does not specifically target contacts gained through affiliations with any other organization.  CHC seeks to work with other organizations to provide valuable, mutually beneficial services for all involved.

Promotion of Products or Services

The purpose of CHC is to provide valuable Instruction and Coaching to those who seek optimal physical, mental and emotional health.  CHC does not directly endorse or promote any other product or service.  Science-based information and resources about products may only be made available through outside sources, through separate resources that are not directly associated with CHC.

Privacy Policy

All personal information collected by CHC will only be available internally to the CHC Administrators and Coaching organizations that directly support our Students and will be used for the sole purpose of providing excellence in Coaching and account administration.  Personal information will not be given to any other organization for any other purpose.

Changes to Policies and Procedures

CHC at its discretion, may from time to time change the Policies and Procedures.  CHC will attempt to contact all those that might be affected by such changes with enough advanced notice to adjust.

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Add us to your Gmail Contacts List:

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Outlook also considers email IDs added to contacts to be safe. You can add info@cellularhealthcoaching.com to your contact list in Outlook. This can be done by opening the email you received from us, right-clicking the From address, and selecting “Add To Contacts”. You can also access your Address Book via the tools drop-down menu.


Add our email address to your Hotmail Safe List:

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If the mailing is in your “Junk E-Mail Folder”, open the email and click the “Not Junk” button.

Please check that  info@cellularhealthcoaching.com is not in your Blocked Senders list. You can access the Blocked Senders list by moving to Options, Junk E-Mail Protection and then Blocked Senders List. If you see an email address that shouldn’t be a part of this list, select it and click the Remove button.


The most common ways to whitelist an email address is by adding it to the address book, white list or safe list in the email application. However, there is no standard method and it might differ from application to application.

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